21 Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oils

1. Good Muscle relaxant
Jasmine oil is very effective in easing aches and removing tension from tight muscles. The oil has an anti-inflammatory property that causes the tight muscles to ease and in the process reduce the pains. Jasmine oil also has a relaxing aroma that will aid in relaxing your body.
You can use the jasmine oil alone or you can add an essential oil for better results. Massage the skin around the muscles that are stiff and aching smoothly for a few minutes. You can also ask someone to help massage your skin.

2. Solves Congestion Problems

As an expectorant, Jasmine helps in loosening mucus and making its expulsion easy. This process opens up airways and eases breathing. Although there are other remedies that you can use to clear congestion problems, jasmine is preferred because the aroma of the oil also helps to improve your spirit thereby reducing your recovery time.

3. Answer for Dry Cough
If you are struggling with a dry non productive cough, which may be a result of inflamed and oversentized tissues, you can try jasmine for better results. Jasmine has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that reduces coughing, stops inflammation and improves recovery of tissues. To apply, use a drop of jasmine oil with an essential oil and apply to the throat area.
4. Lowers production Of Sebum

Sebum secretion can be a problem especially when the quantities are too high; however, jasmine oil can help normalize the secretion in the skin. Over production of sebum is caused by excess testosterone in the body, but jasmine acts directly on the hormonal system, causing a balance in the production of testosterone and normalizing the sebum secretion in the process.

5. Solution for breaking Addictive Habits
Highs experienced by people with addiction problems are hard to reverse; however, the euphoric properties of Jasmines can be applied to replace the experiences in people with addiction problems. Some of the addiction problems that can be reversed using jasmines include; eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse.

6. Improves focus and Confidence

For anyone struggling with self-confidence, jasmine can help you boost your confidence. Inhaling jasmine results in a euphoric feeling that makes a person feel sure about themselves, by eliminating insecurity, low self confidence and negativity.
You can inhale the aroma directly from the container, apply a little oil to your neck or temple or use jasmine in a diffuser.

7. Indigestion Solution
As a carminative, jasmine oil has help ease indigestion problems by making the digestion process very smooth and eliminating cramps and gas. For the purposes of eliminating indigestion problems, apply a little jasmine oil to your upper or lower abdomen and massage for a few minutes.

8. Scar Healing

Ugly scars from sunspots, stretch marks, acne or wounds can be eliminated using the superior healing properties of jasmine essential oils. Apply the oil with other carrier oil to scars for sometimes until the scar diminishes. You can also apply jasmine to your abdomen during and after pregnancy to eliminate stretch marks.

9. For Uterus Health
Jasmine oil has also been used to improve the health of the uterus by initiating release of important hormones that are beneficial to the uterus. By improving the flow of blood within the uterus, jasmine eliminates chance of fibroids and other tumours within the uterus. By maintaining a stable level of oestrogen, the uterus is also maintained in a healthy state by jasmine.

10. Ease Child Delivery/birth

Normal child birth processes are usually very painful; however, when jasmine oil is applied during delivery, it reduces parturition thus easing the labor pains. After delivery, mothers can use the relaxing aroma of the oil to reduce postpartum depression. Women who undergo caesarean section can also use jasmine oil to improve the healing speed of the wound.
11. Good for Lactating mothers
Mothers who struggle with breast clumps especially immediately after delivery can use jasmine oil to ease the clumps. Use a little jasmine oil in wet hand towel and then squeeze the breast until the clumps disappear. Application of jasmine oil also ensures that you get a constant flow of milk during breast feeding. Removing of clumps also reduces chances of breast cancer.

12. Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety many times leads to insomnia, low appetite among other health problems. When the aroma of jasmine oils is used as a solution for anxiety, it eases tension, stimulates the brain and improves the mood of the user. Many studies have shown that application of jasmine oil on the skin or inhaling the aroma of the oil for several weeks relieves anxiety.
13. Improves your Immunity system
Jasmine oil helps in fighting harmful bacteria, viruses and germs. The oil has several active ingredients within its composition that essentially improves the body’s ability to fight sicknesses. Some of the chemicals in a jasmine molecule are Jasmine benzoic acid benzyl benzoate, and benzaldehyde.

14. Sleeping solution
Sleeping problems can turn to be a severe problem; however, inhaling jasmine oil aroma can ease the problem allowing a person to sleep easily and more peacefully. For several years, jasmine tea odour has been used to create a sedative effect that eases tension and improves mood. It was also noted that combined with lavender, jasmine moderates’ heart rates and results in calmness that also helps individuals sleep more peacefully.

15. Moisturizing Dry Skin and skin health
Jasmine oil is a very effective skin treatment solution. For people with dry skin that can easily crack and form wrinkles, jasmine maintain a normal texture and moisture level and reduces chances of dryness. Keeping the skin moisturized lowers the rate of wrinkles appearing in older persons, keeping them looking younger for longer. Jasmine should be applied before going to bed to increase its effectiveness.
16. Reduces Inflammation And Pain

The anti-inflammatory property of jasmine reduces inflammation and swelling while also relaxing you and reducing the pain. Jasmine can be used by patients with painful wounds and other painful conditions. While antidepressants that are provided for patients suffering from painful conditions increases the level of serotonin hormone that is responsible for happiness mood, they are highly addictive and not very safe over long time application. However, use of jasmine is safe and can be discontinued at will. Inhaling the jasmine essential oil and its application to the skin is a very effective combination.
17. Reduces Spasms
The antispasmodic property of jasmine is very effective in reducing spasms by calming down the nerves that cause spasm. This property allows jasmine oil to be used in management of cramps, restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, intestinal distress, et cetera.
18. Management of Eczema And Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are sometimes caused and/or aggravated by stressful conditions. Applying jasmine oil to the affected areas of the skin and inhaling the aroma of the oil helps in the treatment of the conditions.

19. As a Antimicrobial
There are numerous bacterial and fungal skin conditions that can be managed or prevented through the use of jasmine essential oil. The benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid present in jasmine oil also help in wound and infection healing processes. Inhalation of the jasmine aroma can also reduce chances of respiratory infections.

20. Sedative property

For people going through stressful seasons in life, it is impossible to get enough and peaceful sleep; however, inhaling the jasmine oil aroma is sedative and helps to relax the mind and body, and you can sleep much easily. Unlike other sleeping pills which have numerous side effects, jasmine is very safe and effective.

21. Treatment of Arthritis Pain
Arthritis is very painful condition and it can be unbearable especially during the cold seasons. However, the pains can be managed using the anti-inflammatory property of jasmine essential oil. The oil can also be safely used in management of other skin, joint and bone conditions.