Buying Guide for Cell Phone Case


Cellphones are an integral part of our lives. Slowly they are becoming indispensable. People are spending hefty amounts on buying a cellphone which they find attractive and meeting their needs. Cellphones are sophisticated gadgets and can be easily damaged if not taken care of against accidental drops and shocks. A cellphone case provides protection against such damages and saves the users considerable money which may be needed towards repairing damaged phones or buying a new one. The article explores the need for buying cases, types of cases in the market and considerations before buying a cell phone case. 

Why to Buy Case

Cellphone cases are important accessories which any user needs. Some of the most important reasons why a user needs cellphone cases are provided below:

Protects the Phone from Damage

The most important reason for buying a cell phone case it that it protects the phone from damage. It protects the phone against accidental damages, from drops and shocks. Cases will protect the cellphones from damage and ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Protects Data

People use their cellphone to store lots of personal and professional data. These data can be lost if the phone meets accidental damage. The cellphone cases protect the phones from such damages and as a result, also helps to protect the data stored in them. 

Better Resale Value

The cell phone case protects the phone from damage. It protects and significantly reduces the damage marks, scratches, and other marks. This can be really helpful for users planning to resale their phones and it will help them fetch decent resale value to them.

Types of Cases

There are many different types of cell phone cases available in the market. These cases provide differing levels of protection for the phones. Some of the most common and popular types of cases in the market are provided below:

Slim and Skin Case

The slim and skin case is made up of silicone or premium vinyl. These offer the least protection and mostly provide decorative and aesthetic sense to the phone. Slim cases provide grip in handling the phone and avoids it slipping from the user’s hands.

Bumper Case

The bumper case comes with hard corners which protect the phone. The case provides protection against drops and accidental damage. Generally, the bumper case only covers the edges of the cellphone, but few designs also provide a back cover for protecting the rear of the phone.

Wallet Cases

The wallet case has a flip cover which needs to be opened by the users to access their phones. These covers provide protection to the screen also as they cover the screen too. Some wallet cases also provide handy compartments for storing cards some cash and important documents.

Rugged Cases

The rugged cases provide high level of security to the phone from drops. It is sturdy and protects the phone from high impact drops and shocks. These cases are bulkier and heavier compared to other cases. It is ideal for casual users who frequently drop their phones or are careless about protecting them.

Tips for Buying the Ideal Case

The buyers can do a thorough research for the cell phone case and also decide on the features they want from their case. Some of the important considerations before buying a new cell phone case are provided below:

Confirm the Phone’s Features

Confirming the phone’s specifications like size, model number etc. are the most important consideration before buying a cell phone case. The case should have the exact cuts and features which will resemble the cellphone. This will ensure that the ports and cameras of the cellphone are readily available for use after adding the case.

Decide on the Level of Protection Needed

The users should decide on the level of protection they need for their cellphones. Some users are more casual than others and have a tendency to drop their phones more frequently. Such users need to purchase cases which provide greater protection. More careful users can buy a basic case which should meet their needs. The greater the protection level of the case, the bulkier it generally is.

Decide on the Features Needed

The buyers should decide on the additional features they need from the case. Some cases come with a kickstand supporting the phone in a landscape position. Some cases will also provide support for multiple positions and come with 360-degree hinges.  Keeping a checklist of the features required from the cellphone case helps the buyers to purchase the ideal case meeting their requirements.

Do Research Before Buying

The buyers should do a proper research before buying. The cases are available online and going through the buyer’s reviews will help decide the quality of the product. Online forums can also be of help in deciding the case to be purchased.


The cell phone users may find it cumbersome to do research before buying a case. However, a little research and time can save them against accidental phone damages and ensure their peace of mind.

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