Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays or comparison essays not only provide information on the essay topic but they also present an argument discussing two different perceptions. It is important to have a clear understanding of the ideas you are comparing. That way you will be in a position to write a comprehensive essay that will earn you a good grade.

Writing a good essay starts with an idea; your essay topic. There are many compare and contrast essay topics that you can write on; however, it is important to only select the ones that you understand well. Here is a list of some possible compare and contrast essay topics;

List of compare and contrast essay topic examples

  • Disposal diapers vs. cloth napkins
  • A public vs. a private university
  • Advice from your mum vs. advice from your dad
  • Living with your family vs. living alone
  • Comparing Bullies vs. Dictators
  • Soul Music vs. Country Music
  • Fear vs. Confusion
  • Music vs. novels
  • Restaurants vs. bars
  • Celebrity Influence vs. Parental Influence
  • Accent times vs. modern times
  • Viet num war vs. Iraq war
  • WWI vs. WWII
  • Windows vs. Linux
  • Yahoo mail vs. Gmail
  • The Bible and the Quran

Looking for compare and contrast essay paragraph examples?

Compare and contrast representative democracy and direct democracy

Direct and representative democracy share several similarity, but they differ in various ways. While both direct democracy and representative democracy recognize the people as the supreme authority. However participation of the people in leadership differs in both democratic structures. Unlike in representative democracy where people surrender their power to a few representatives, direct democracy required the participation of every eligible person in the decision making processes of the country.

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