How to be a Good Patient Care Technician

If you have just recently graduated from patient care technician training, first things first congratulations! Now that you have completed your studies and training, the thought of your first day must be a daunting one. Will you be able to apply the skills you learned in a moment of crisis? What if you get paired with the most difficult patients? What if your co-workers do not like you? And the possible errors?

Although your worries and concerns are completely expected and normal, the most essential thing to remember is that you are surrounded by people just like you that had the jitters on their first day too. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck, there are plenty of people that you can ask for assistance from. To help make things a little easier for you, here are some more basic tips for being a good patient care technician:

Always have a notebook with you

During the first few days as a patient care technician, you are going to be bombarded with a lot of new things. Therefore, it will not always be easy trying to remember all the protocols in place as well as keep tabs of your responsibilities. Carrying a notebook around with you will help you note down the most essential things so that you do not forget.

Observe and ask questions

The best way to get acquainted with your new role as a patient care technician is to observe and ask questions where you can. When you are new, there will be plenty of learning opportunities that will present themselves but you should also strive to improve and better your skills as you progress. To ensure you are doing things correctly always:

  • Read and point out issues with your patient’s care plans ahead of time.
  • Always jot down what you do not understand so that you can ask for clarification
  • Observe what your supervisors do closely and if there is something about the care plan that you do not fully understand, always ask.

Respect your patients

As a patient care technician, your patients will have varying levels of need but it is important to respect each of them. Many may not be able to handle basic needs such as getting dressed or taking shower so it is your responsibility and duty to respect their privacy and always be courteous especially on those trying and challenging days.

Respect your workmates

To have the best experience as a patient care technician, you will need a team by your side that can be supportive professionally, socially and emotionally. Treat your co-workers with respect at all times and give a lending hand where you can.