Origins and conduct of the Cold War between the aftermath of World War II and the end of the Vietnam War (1975)

After the world war had ended, enmity and aggression developed between the United States of America and the Soviet Union and also with their respective supporters. The Soviet Union had to a large extent controlled the entire Eastern Europe and this troubled the USA and Britain since these two countries thought that Soviet power and communism could extend to Western Europe and to other countries. The Soviets were basically resolute to uphold the management of Eastern Europe. This move was aimed at protecting against new intimidation from Germany. The expression “Cold war” was initially made use of by Bernard Baruch in congressional debate in the year nineteen hundred and forty seven. Cold War was typically waged upon political, monetary, and misinformation facades. It simply had restricted option to arms.

Cold War reached its climax in the year nineteen hundred and forty eight with first the Berlin blockade and airlift, secondly, with the formation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and lastly with the triumph of the communists in the Chinese civil warfare and the Korean warfare. In the year nineteen hundred and fifty eight, an intense stage took place i.e. the Cuban missile catastrophe. The end result of this catastrophe was weapon buildup by both sides.

The cold warfare is believed to been affirmed in the year nineteen hundred and forty nine. During this year, the USSR blew up its 1st atomic bomb. The USSR established the Warsaw treaty in the year nineteen hundred and fifty five so as to oppose the United States of America awesome nuclear dominance with conservative forces. In site of the fact that the cold war did not break in the continent of Europe, there were a number of wars in other countries for example, the Vietnam and the Arab- Israel warfare. The USA and USSR used these wars as a platform for testing their war weapons.

The USA provided aid to the Western European countries in a bid to consolidate its novel position as the head of this region. This was achieved via the Marshall Plan of the year nineteen hundred and forty seven. The USA too associated to the up coming merger of Western European nations via NATO. In the year 1949, USA played a crucial role towards the setting up of the Federal Republic of Germany from the 3 Western zones of occupation. During early nineteen fifties, it labored toward the rearmament of the Federal Republic of Germany and also towards its inclusion in NATO in the year nineteen hundred and fifty five.

In the continent of Asia, the USA finalized a coalition and consequently a peace pact with Japan in the year nineteen hundred and fifty one and fifty two respectively. It also finalized with several other countries for instance Australia, New Zealand and also Thailand and Phillipines.

At the same time, the Soviet Union finalized a coalition with China in the year nineteen hundred and fifty. The warfare in Korea came to an end in the year nineteen hundred and fifty three. However the USA was intertwined in Vietnam War which was rather composite. It backed the republic of Vietnam was also called South Vietnam against Democratic Republic of Vietnam which was also known as the North Vietnam. The later was supported by the Soviet Union and the people’s republic of China. All through this era, both the USSR and USA pursued strategies of nuclear rearmament. The two nations also designed long-range weapons. These weapons were used for hitting the home of the other.

The Quadripartite Accord on Berlin in the year nineteen hundred and seventy made the 2 States of Germany to join the United Nations in the year nineteen hundred and seventy three. The Helsinki Agreement was settled by the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe in the year nineteen hundred and seventy five. This Agreement seemed to symbolize an implicit peace accord so as to end the Cold war. The Helsinki accord also restricted the nuclear arms competition. The rivalry between these two world superpowers i.e. USSR and USA however persisted more so in the Horn of Africa and in the southern Africa. Nevertheless, the enhanced relationships between the USA and China and also the great effort of the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the role played by President Nixon and the deteriorating relationship between Soviet Union and China led to the improved relationships between USA and its rival Soviet Union all through the nineteen seventies.

In the year nineteen hundred and forty five, the USA and Soviet Union turned out to be the powers in Europe. In Germany USA and Soviet Union together with France and Britain set up a structure for 4 power control. On the second month of this year, an assembly was held in Yalta. The Potsdam assembly was held from July to August of this particular year. In both assemblies, USA, Soviet Union and Britain tried to explain the structure for a post-warfare settlement in Europe. Nevertheless, before the occurrence of the Potsdam Conference, sharp differences had surfaced. These differences were triggered by the manner in which Germany and Eastern Europe were to be expanded. The two assemblies in addition debated the Far East more so the entrance of Soviet Union in the warfare against Japan. The Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.