Technology Causes Anxiety

Technology Causes Anxiety

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and it is almost impossible to live a single without interacting with it. Technology offers solutions in almost all aspects of life, in fact people have become used to technology solutions that many cannot use the conventional methods that were used in same applications. Although technology enhances efficiency and production, it is also blamed for many social ills that affect societies today. A car for instance is very convenient to the user because s/he can manage time more effectively, but when a parent leave the same car in the hands of his/her children, s/he is likely to be anxious because s/he knows what a car can do when wrongly used. With technology, anxiety has become imminent, and people lose their confidence, trust and many other aspects of their personalities due to under utilization of their natural capabilities.

Statement of Problem

Technology is emerging as one of the main causes of anxiety in the modern world. Different items built to add value to life have in a great way caused distress to the same people they are supposed to serve. Gadgets such as phones are very important for communication, but due to dynamics in life they have become a source of anxiety for many people. Families have broken because messages or phone calls received through the gadgets, while it is indisputably true that phones are essential for communication in our world, it is also worth noting that many illicit relationships and activities are planned using the same gadgets.

Websites are great platforms that are used for marketing, socializing, educational purposes, entertainment, et cetera. Social websites such as Facebook and Twitter have positively been used not only for socialization but also for spreading important information. Nowadays breaking news first hits the social nets before they can be broadcasted by media houses. Social Medias have played important parts in opening up different parts of the world that were previously neglected. However, social media has also opened avenues for criminal groups to communicate and perpetrate their motives. Recent chaos in many Muslim countries that targeted American embassies was supposedly caused by a YouTube video that was created by an American. The events demonstrate what information shared through open World Wide Web can do to the world. It is obvious that anxiety has been created by websites.

There are many other technologies that cause anxiety to people that are supposed to benefit from them. Technology causes distress because every innovation is multifaceted, and people chose how to apply the available technologies.


The results of this research will contribute to the understanding of the effects of technology. It will analyze different technologies and the extent of their effects to user. It will explore both accidental effects and those that are driven by individuals. The results of the study will guide other researchers studying related issues. It will also provide guidelines to leaders on ways of tackling the issue of related to technology that can cause anxiety. People that have experienced anxiety caused by technology related issues will also find helpful information on how to avoid such distresses.

Research Question(s)

The study will seek to answer the following research questions;

Can mobile phones cause distress in a family?

How does social network websites such as facebook cause anxiety?

Is it possible for accident caused by technological items cause anxiety?

How individuals affected by technology cope do, are there amicable solutions?


Methodology/ research design

This study will utilize several methods of research to gather data and information. Primary data collected from the field will help in answering the research question, and further analyses of the subject. Interviews with be used to generate both qualitative and quantitative information for this study. Respondents will be selected randomly to avoid compromising the information gathered. The study will also use questionnaires. Questionnaires will be used to generate data to be used for analysis of the study, the information gathered will be important because it will help in drawing a conclusion on this issue.

Information from previous studies will guide this research. It will also provide primary information that will lay foundation for further study. Journals and other online materials will also provide valuable information that will be useful in completion of this study. The subject has not overly researched and this study will serve as an important tool for reader, researchers, et cetera.


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