Things to Consider When Writing an Assignment

Although many people do not feel confident when writing an assignment or an essay; however, the fact is, it is not really difficult. The assignment or essay is a task where students are compelled to present their own point of view and opinion on any specific topic. Thus, in writing the assignment or the essay, the writer must have the proper and authentic knowledge about that particular topic.

Every student, during his academic career has to write several essays and assignments. Hence, it can be said that writing is the integral part of education and each and every student should know how to write good essays and assignments. In the course of this discussion, we will present some important points to be considered while writing an essay or assignment.

The assignment is a little understood and highly practiced genre, although not always achieved in terms of its clarity and what it tries to show, due to the heterogeneity of aspects that come together in it. The assignment and the essay should follow a specific structure which contains:

Introduction is the one that expresses the theme and the objective of the essay. The introduction is the part which provides details about the content of the assignment with details of different chapters or subtopics the essay covers. A concise and comprehensive introduction must not be more than 10% of the size of the assignment.

Development of the topic contains the details of the topic as well as the analysis of the topic. In this part of the assignment, the author raises different points and arguments and tries to clarify all the points one by one by using different sources such as published articles, online articles, books etc. this analysis part of the assignment or essay must contain around 80% of the whole assignment. This part consists of classifying the collected and developed information in an ordered form and then interprets it properly. The development or the analysis part of the assignment is the most important part as it shows how the author develops and analyse the basic concept.

Conclusions is the part of the assignment which sums up all the important points discussed in the essay and then author concludes the topic by giving his opinion and what he concludes from all the discussion. The conclusion is again around 10% of the whole assignment.

Bibliography is not the direct part of the assignment but it provides all the details of the sources used in the assignment. Thus, the bibliography gives authenticity to the assignment as the sources backs all the information used in the assignment and bibliography provides the details of the sources used.

A good assignment or essay needs that the author first performs a deep study on the topic. From different sources, the author must collect different ideas and then develop these ideas, in the essay, to develop his own opinion. This personal opinion and point of view of the author gives the personal touch and originality to the assignment.