Understanding Assertive Training

Assertive training is described as a behavioural training that tends to target the aggressive and passive individuals in order to give them a more independent and modest approach to life. The training is supposed to enable them to be independent and stand for themselves and respect others in the process. Assertive training was first used by women’s movement to help women who seemed to be struggling with confidence in 1970s. As more and more women joined the graduate league, it was noted that most of them were struggling in their interaction with others. Thus a program was specifically developed to boost their confidence and help them be more assertive in their own life circles. Since then assertive training has been accepted as an appropriate training by various social groups including vocational programs, and social skills training centres. It is also used in psychiatric facilities, corporate boardrooms and even in schools as the need assertiveness seems to linger in almost all circles of life. Need for assertive training comes whenever there is an identity or ego problems. For people with low esteem or low confidence, assertive training teaches them how to identify their needs and desires and express them while being considerate to others. For others with ego problems, assertive trainings tends to teach them on how to be modest and mindful of others, always reminding them that their needs and desires are as important as those of others. Assertive trainings helps to improve communication and response in marriages, education institutions and workplaces. One of the main areas that are covered thoroughly in assertive training is being honest and clear in communication. Many people especially women have a tendency of concealing their real feelings even when it is important to share. This is always a major problem relationships, marriages and workplaces. When people do not communicate their real opinions are masked, and in the end they end up concealing bitterness as they feel their real needs and feels are not address, while it remains are problem because they never communicated their feelings in the first place. Assertive training is a first step to healing numerous social and professional problems.