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Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essay OutlineArgumentative essay is supposed to not only discuss the topic of the essay but it should also focus on the pros and cons of either sides of the topic. The essay should take a biased view; one that will tend to convince anyone with an opposing views to change his/her perception.

The argumentative essay should have a definite structure. It should be easy to read and understand. Here is a sample outline that you can use;

Thesis statement: Football is the most beautiful sport ever designed. For purposes of this essay, we should first define the sport. We should be able to use different resources to prove our claim, and convince our readers that the sport is indeed beautiful.

i. Football is a sport

a. There are other sports that also have a wide following

a) Some of the competing sports examples

b) Some of the less popular sports examples

ii. Discuss the sport: What/how/where

a) Media coverage

b) Following and fan base

iii. Discuss other competing sports

a) Discuss the differences in coverage

b) Discuss its fan base

iv. Show how football is the best in relation to the other sports

a) Show trends and frequencies

b) Celebrations and winners

v. Summarize

a) Restate the thesis statement

b) Football is a sport

a. Summarize facts as stated above

c) Football is the best sport ever

a. Summarize facts as highlighted above