Which are the best Research Paper Topics for College Student?

The fear or the reservations that people have towards writing scholarly essays can indeed be avoided if one is able to obtain good research paper topics. Veracity behind this assertion is that many find selecting a topic to be one of the most ominous tasks in producing these scholarly essays. To simplify this possible conundrum, several measures can be recommended.

It is important that the writer ensures that the title is appropriate to the assignment that is at hand. It is also at this juncture that the student must ascertain the nature of his paper so that he knows if it is an argumentative, expository or an analytical essay. The essayist should also try to brainstorm through as many themes as can be applicable so that at the end of it all, he has a battery of them to weed through. The need to ensure that the themes are unique, explorable and presentable is also paramount at this stage.

Choosing a title for your research paper

The scholar is to also ensure that he has narrowed down the title so that he can observe the requirements of page limits as is commanded by the instructor. In the event that the instructor had not made specifications on the title, the student should ensure that he chooses for himself, one that he is most knowledgeable about and also appeals to him. After all these, the researcher can evaluate all the topical items that he has come up with, in order that he subsequently identify the one which is the most suitable to work on.

There are experts who advise that a good topical item is one which has relevance. While this will encourage wide readership, it will also help in keeping the interests of the writer alive, as he also gains new and applicable insight that can be used to solve day-to-day problems. It is also important that the essayist chooses an item which is always courted by controversies and arguments that are of scholarly relevance.

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List of the best research paper topics for 2017

  • Are today‚Äôs children smarter or more exposed?
  • Is the US grading system too fair to students?
  • Corporal punishment should be permitted
  • Is abortion an injustice to the unborn?
  • Racial discrimination in education
  • How can policing in schools be achieved?
  • US is the most insecure country in the world!
  • Drug, alcohol and pregnancy problems in the education system
  • School responsibility and parental responsibility in school violence
  • The history of Palestine and the Golan Heights
  • Premises, Progression, and Consequences of the Cold War
  • The Most famous Revolutions in Human History
  • Impact of slavery in development of the Western Culture
  • Could Damage from the Bubonic Plague Have Been Diminished?
  • Strange Medieval Family Laws and Their Influence on Society
  • History of Papacy
  • Religious Cults in the modern Societies