How to secure College Admission

Even with the best grades in high school, you are never guaranteed admission to one of the prestigious colleges around the world. Colleges such as Harvard, MIT, Yale and Stanford only admit a small fraction of the huge number of applications submitted every year. This means that your perfect performance in high school may still not be sufficient; however, you can improve your chances of admission. Here are the top three tips that will help you apply for college admission;
Make sure you get good grades
Although there are several things that will help you gain admission to one of the top colleges none is as important as your final score (grade). It is easy to get entangles in several extracurricular activities and in the process fail to perform very well in your academics. However, having great recommendation letters can also be a big plus. Despite this fact, it is important to ensure that you get good grades.
Write super supplemental essays
Imagine a situation where every applicant to Yale has similar grades, extracurricular score, interview scores, then your supplemental essay will come in handy. Supplemental essay is one opportunity that many applicants waste. You should not follow that path. Seize the opportunity and show case your writing skills. Choose a topic that is not ‘just general’. Pick something unique and then produce a masterpiece.
Plan early
The decision to submit your college application to a specific college should not wait until you have cleared high schools. In fact it should be in your mind by the time you get to high schools. And then you should familiarize with the selection criteria early enough so as to plan on the activities to participate in from the start. If you plan well, it will be easier to secure admission to one of the top colleges around the world.
Be an early bird
Although there are definite deadlines for submission of college applications, it is important to start off early. Try to stand out. Send inquiries. Ask questions about the processes and anything else that will show your interest in the college in question. Also make sure you send your application very early. Although beating the deadline is the main focus for most of the applicants, you should not be like everyone. Try to be the first in everything, including delivery of your application.