Informative Essay Topics

If you are trying to write an informative essay but you still haven’t decided on a topic, this is the right place to start. By definition, an informative essay, also known as expository essay, is meant to provide new ideas to an audience. The ideas should be clearly illustrated within the essay such that readers can understand the topic discussed without conducting further research.

How you prepare to write your informative essay

Before you start writing your essay, it is important to prepare adequately. To start with, you need to choose a topic that you understand well. Then you should explore the topic and put down facts and details that you would like to include in the essay. You can research for more details on the topic or even ask for ideas from your friends and family members.

Get a suitable topic for your informative essay

After preparing your ideas then you can start writing your informative essay. Even though this process sounds simple, many students get stuck in the first step: selecting a topic for their informative essays. For this reason, we have included a list of informative essay topics that you can use;

List of informative essay topics

  • Cause and effect of Gulf War
  • The industrial revolution
  • Understanding internet marketing
  • Benefits of stem cell research
  • Facts about illegal immigration
  • Doping and its effects to athletics
  • Causes and effects of pollution
  • Causes and effects of global warming
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Cause and effect of cancer
  • Effects of mobile phone communication of economic growth