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Writing Public Announcements

1) Writing Public Announcements.  Please respond to the following: Analyze the effective press release you selected and describe the features that make it successful. Analyze the ineffective press release you selected and describe how you would change it to make it successful by making at least two specific recommendations for improvement. There are several features […]

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The Criminal Justice System

Introduction The Criminal justice system is a process through which an offender is tried and charged in a court of law through the application of the legal systems that are regulated by the governments to administer punishments to law breakers across the world. In this case study, Amanda Watson is arrested for two main reasons. […]

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Sample Statistics Assignment

Section A Question 1 Take P (A) = 0.4 P (B) = 0.7 P (C) =0.2 The probability that no competitor will enter the market. Probability (‘not a competitor) = 1- probability (all competitors will enter the market) Since the three events are independent P (A and B and C) = P (A) x P […]

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