Which are the best Problem and Solution Essay Topics and Ideas

A problem solution essay states a problem and provides a detailed description on how the problem can be solved. The writer should convince the reader that a particular problem exists and it can be solved using a specific approach. Thus, the essay should establish the following;

Discuss the problem – convince the reader that the problem bother to the community or part of it.

Propose a solution – discuss the solution in a detailed manner, and show why you feel it’s the best solution

Refute any objections – show why they are wrong

Problem solution essays are writing challenges that you will face all your life and it is important to improve your skills with every writing task that you undertake.

Problem solution essay ideas

There are many problems that you can solve in your problem solutions essays, but you can visit this page for a comprehensive list of problem solution essay topics. However, you can also generate your own problem solution essay titles based on different topics. The best topics that you can write on are those that you understand very clearly.

One of the best points to start looking for probable problem solution essay topics is your social life. Think about your home, family, friends, school, transport, sports, environment, hobbies, et cetera.

Looking at every component of your social life, you will notice that there are so many challenges that are worth solving. For instance, when you consider your friends you may think about the environmental challenges that affect their academic performance, you may also consider things that affect their behaviors and general moral decay that is evident in the society.

Using this simple criterion, generate as many topics in every category as possible. With a long list of possible essay topics, the next step should be deciding which problem you can best solve.

A good essay should be both educative and focused to a specific topic. It is important to first draft your solutions before you can start writing your essay. Research online for ideas and problems related to yours and how people have managed to solve them. The solution should be convincing and interesting to read.

Problem solution essay outline

For you to communicate effectively through your essay, it is paramount to use a structure that can be followed easily. This will not only make your writing work easier, but it will allow your audience to follow with ease the follow for your essay. That way, you can be sure that your essay is clearly explained after the final full stop.

A good essay should have three parts; introduction, body and the conclusion. In the introduction, you should define the problem because your readers may not be aware of the problem. Explain it in details in order to convince your audience that it is indeed a problem that deserves an elaborate solution. In the introduction you can use your prior experiences to make more interesting. Make sure to include a thesis statement that will be addressed by the essay.

The body should carry all the solutions and how they will solve the problem. The body should also show that your solution is not only effective but it is also cost effective. The solution should not be skewed because it should be adaptable by all without discriminating against some parts of the society.

The conclusion should restate the thesis. It should revisit the problem defined in the introduction and seek to emphasize that the solution suggested in the body part is the best. You should make good use of facts and figures in convincing your audience.

List of the best problem and solution essay topics

  • Singing in the shower helps in boosting your confidence
  • Students can use recorders to solve the problem of note taking during classes
  • Autocorrect boosts the typing speed on portable devices
  • Alarm clocks that run away from their owners solve the problem of oversleeping
  • 3D printing will one day solve most domestic problems