The Mass Media Influence on the Young Generation


The mass media, including, TV, radios, newspapers, and journal have a great impact on young people lives, which has played a huge role in shaping their opinions. It has affected on the way they eat, dress and react. It portrays a significance change in their lives as opposed to the past.

The young generation tends to copy what they see on the media. For instance, the young girls may see a slender model like Kate Moss and in particular ways they want to be like them. It would adversely affect their eating behavior and manners. The media is the one that influence this behavior on the eating habit. According to Lynn “influence, on a particular pattern on the eating orders may induce girls to anorexia’’. (Brfonski, 2014) It is a disorder that may cause death, dissatisfaction or a sense of personal infectiveness.
The violence shown on the television has a greater influence on the teens. In the present time, television programs show many acts of violence. According to research, a child watches more than 4 hours of TV per day. Thus, the child is bound to watch lots of hominids and innumerable acts of violence by the age of 18. A study done on 95 popular video games in US indicated approximately 83% of them featured violent graphics. Majority had two choices die or kill. The 1993 American Psychological Association report on on-screen violence concluded, “In addition to increasing violent behaviors’ towards other individuals, viewing violence graphics materials on television may likely increase viewers’ chances of being involved with violence.” (Brfonski, 2014) Television programs give a small view of the universe, and the universe they show is violent. Therefore, individual who watches television a lot may become more violent than those who hardly watch it. This overestimates the chances for them to being violent (Kundanis, 2003).
The young people are more exposed to the mass media. The only way to overcome this is to keeps their values, feelings and personality intact. In this notion, they would not be affected negatively by mass media.


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