Writing great essays for PTE Academic

PTE Academic is an English proficiency exam just like IELTS. Go to the official Pearson website to learn more about it.

The writing section of PTE Academic consists of just two question types. One of them is Write Essay. Writing essay for PTE is not very different than writing an academic essay in your school or university. This ultimate PTE Write Essay guide by Sure Way English is the perfect starting point for the PTE Write Essay question type.

When you write an Essay for PTE Academic, the first thing you should focus on is the word limit. Your essay should be between 200 and 300 words. An ideal word limit is around 250. If you go below or above the word limit, you will lose marks. So, stay to the point and stay within the word limit.

The second important thing is the structure you use for writing the essay. According to Alice Smith, from Sure Way English PTE, an ideal PTE Essay structure consists of 4 to 5 paragraphs. The first and last paragraph make up the introduction and conclusion respectively. The in between paragraphs deal with distinct points of the essay. If you organize your ideas randomly, the computer algorithm evaluating your essay will not give you a full score. Follow a simple but formal structure for the essay.

Make sure you address the specific points asked in the essay prompt. The most common way to lose marks is to write brilliantly, but to write off topic. You do not want that! Always stick to the point. Understand the question prompt properly and spend the first few minutes of the twenty minutes given to you to come up with good ideas to write about. This little brainstorming session will eventually determine how good your essay comes out.

Now, as we know that an algorithm will evaluate our essay, it makes sense to give it what it wants. So, give it complicated vocabulary specific to the essay topic. The more heavy sounding relevant words you sprinkle in your essay, the better your score will be. Also, connect all sentences and paragraphs properly. Show the relationships such as cause and effect, by using appropriate connecting words. It is your responsibility as an essay writer to guide the reader properly through your essay.

Finally, leave some time for a thorough review! Check everything. Check every small thing. Check grammar. Check sentence structures. Check vocabulary. Check spellings. Check that you are making sense.

Do all of that and you will definitely score a hundred percent for your PTE essays.